January 11, 2017

New LTCCC Leadership

We’ve had some changes in membership, most notably Cindy Kauffman’s transition off of the council

and resignation as LTCCC co-chair. Cindy had been the LTCCC co-chair for three years, helping to guide

the council through recent strategic efforts as we reevaluate our long-term policy and budget priorities

and processes. Formerly the Chief Operating Officer of the Institute on Aging, Cindy accepted a job with

the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) as the Deputy Director of Community Services.

While she will no longer be the co-chair or Council member, we’re thrilled to continue working with her

in her new role!

Anne Quaintance will now serve as co-chair, joining the current chair, Traci Dobronravova. Anne is the

Chief Government Affairs and Business Development Office with Meals on Wheels of San Francisco and

has been on the LTCCC for four years. Anne is also the chair of the ad-hoc Communications Committee,

which has worked over the last year to develop the website and is a member of the Finance and Policy


A big thank you to Cindy for all her hard work, dedication and sense of humor and a warm welcome to

our new co-chair Anne – we look forward to a productive year.