Dementia Care Excellence Workgroup

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Policy needs: looked at Dementia report addendums

Meeting: Quarterly (2nd Monday of the month, 2nd Monday in February) – float this date with members and set dates for the year

  • Build a cultural awareness campaign

Goal 1:   Develop effective responses for folks with dementia living alone and don’t have support

  • Live Alone Project – we are in year 3 of a 3 year grant) – underway
    • Goal: developing an algorithm and distributing more widely for professionals and providers
    • A policy need be: sustaining funding for this project and what would it look like
    • Current funding: just started 3 year, final year of funding – not necessarily going to be funded further – would look for continued funding (different than DAAS funding for RAD programs)
  • LGBT Grant – DAAS funded to serve individuals and their partners or circle of friends to better meet the needs of those living with dementia.  Some may be seen as part of the Live alone project
    • – just beginning work of the advisory committee and will begin implementation phase in January 2017

Goal 2 - Develop transportation options for people living with dementia

    • Developed a peer support system, got initial funding from DAAS and continued funding from MTA – a lot of lessons learned
    • Provided training in Dementia both for Peer Escorts and for Drivers of Para transit and busses
    • This project is still considered pilot – the first two sites went live in Spring of 2015, and are expanding to other sites this year.
    • Looking at alternative transportation options that may serve this population more effectively (ie DAAS staff working with Lyft)
    • Goals: do we continue in this way or consider other modalities? What does dementia or cognitive impairment accommodation look like?
    • May have some goals that are not yet met, haven’t finished determining the policy implications of this work.
    • Are folks considering cognitive impairment as a disability? May be very different for folks depending at what stage they’re at.
  • LTC integration
  • Medi/Medi integration
    • Both on hold, because of status of Coordinated Care Initiative expansion
  • Improve the response to urgent and emergency care to people living with dementia
    • Underway
    • Considering recommendations, either for hospitals or mobile dementia response teams
    • Have a training for first responders
    • Development of specialty (ACE Units) to better serve this population – for which hospital settings tend to be a disastrous experience.
  • (Richmond police dept gave an award for a training on how to work/deal with folks with autism)

What goals have been met?

What goals remain outstanding?

Areas for Collaboration?

Specific outcomes:

Budget implications:

Timeline/Action plan:

Members & Volunteers

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The next meeting for this group is scheduled for: May 18, 2017

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