Nominations Committee

Policy needs: 

Strengthen the relationships among LTCCC members and with the Mayor and his staff


What goals have been met?

  • Find interested individuals to strategically fill vacant slots
  • Offer orientations to new members
  • Track member attendance

What goals remain outstanding?

  • Expand the membership of the Nominating Committee
  • Shorten the time from LTCCC approval to Mayoral appointment
  • More regular follow-up with members who have not attended regularly

Areas for Collaboration?

  • Consider agenda topics from newish members to help folks learn of their work and their constituent’s issues.
  • Outline process and make recommendations for LTCCC members to sit on the Oversight and Accountability Committee of the Dignity Fund.

Specific outcomes:

  • Shorten the timeline for approval for members to two months or less
  • LTCCC fills all vacant slots within 3 months
  • Members who cannot regularly attend meetings are thanked, welcomed to attend as guests and replace with new members 
  • All member (and existing members) are offered opportunity for orientation

Budget implications:

  • TBD

Timeline/Action plan:

  • Reschedule most recent new member orientation (within a month)
  • Expand committee (within 2 months)
  • Bring a recommendation to the LTCCC re: Dignity Fund process (November meeting)
  • Discuss appointment process with Mayor’s representatives (within 1 month)


CoChairs of the Nominations Committee

Marie Jobling